Frequently Asked Questions

01: What is the price range of the dresses in your store? +

The bridal gowns in our store typically start around $1000 and go up to around $6000, the majority of the bridal gowns in our store are between $1500-$2500.

02: When should I start shopping for a wedding dress? How long does an ordered dress take to come in? +

It is really never too early to start shopping for your bridal gown! Once your date is set and you selected a venue we should be your next stop! Usually girls will shop about a year to 10 months before the wedding date. On average we recommend ordering your bridal gown around 6-8 months before the wedding because they can take around 4-6 months to come in and we like to leave time for alterations. But we do our best to work with all timelines when it comes to purchasing a bridal gown!

03: My wedding is less than 6 months away, can I still order a dress? +

YES! We work closely with all of our designers to try to get you the dress of your dreams no matter what. Some designers offer quick delivery options, or will even have dresses in stock so we can get them for our more last minute shoppers! Purchasing sample gowns is also an option if a dress cannot be ordered.

04: Do you need an appointment to shop for bridal gowns? +

If you plan to come and shop on a Saturday we do require an appointment. If you plan to shop during the week we do accept walk-ins based on availability! Appointments are always preferred but not required.

05: How many people am I allowed to bring with me? +

Piera’s Bridal is a smaller boutique style store, therefore we have limited seating for your bridal entourage. We ask that you keep your guests to a minimum, preferably 3-4 max (this really is for your benefit I swear). This is also because we do often have more than one bride shopping at a time (especially on Saturdays).

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