4 Tips for Your First Bridal Appointment!

Wedding planning is always exciting, and of course (we think) shopping for your bridal gown is definitely the most fun part!  And let’s be honest, most of us have been dreaming of our wedding dress since... we’ll just say a long time! At Piera’s we understand buying a wedding gown is a big deal, and we want every single bride that walks through our door to have the best dress shopping experience. Here are 4 tips to ensure you get the most out of your bridal appointment and find your dream dress with no drama!

  1. Come in with some wedding & dress inspiration – It is always helpful when a bride brings in photos of dresses that she likes or is interested in trying on.  This really helps your bridal stylist get a good visual of what you have in mind! Bring us your screenshots from Instagram or even dresses you saw in a bridal magazine!  Even if we do not carry the exact dress or designer you show us, we can try to show you something similar. We also love hearing about your complete wedding vision, do not be afraid to show us your entire wedding pinterest board!
  2. Keep an open mind & trust your stylist – Trying on wedding dresses is unlike any other shopping experience out there!  Often times your consultant may have a dress or style she thinks would look great on you even though none of it was on your original “wish list”. Always try to keep an open mind, you never know what is going to work unless you try it on! All of our consultants have tons of experience with brides and if you ask any bridal stylist most will tell you lots of brides end up purchasing a dress that is totally different than what they came in for!  What is the worst that can happen… if you don’t like it, onto the next!
  3. Have an idea of the price range you would like to stay around – Most stores carry dresses in a variety of price ranges; for example, the bridal gowns in our store are around $1000-$6000+.  Having an idea of a comfortable price range is helpful so you don’t end up trying on (and falling in love with) a gown that is more money than you wanted to spend.
  4. Limit your bridal entourage – this is for your benefit only! Wedding dress shopping with a large group sounds like a fun but often ends with a frustrated bride-to-be.  We recommend having 1-3 of your closest family members or friends to start your dress search, this way you don’t have too many opinions and you can really focus on what YOU want! The brides who come in with smaller groups almost always have a better experience.  Also remember, Piera’s Bridal is a smaller boutique style store so seating is limited and we often have multiple brides shopping at one time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to HAVE FUN! Dress shopping is a once in a lifetime experience and we want every single bride who comes to us to have a wonderful time AND to leave with the dress of her dreams!